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Student rules and regulations

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In order to provide for a safe and effective learning environment, all students must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Students must attend class on time. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, a parent/guardian must accompany the student to class. After three incidents of tardiness, and the student continue to arrive late to class, then each late arrival will be marked as an absence..

  2. In the event that a student must miss class, a parent/guardian must notify the teacher in advance or provide a written notification at the next class meeting.

  3. Students must dress appropriately to class; no ripped or revealing attire will be permitted in the classroom.

  4. Students must complete all assigned class-work and homework. Students failing to complete assigned work will be warned and the school will notify parents/guardian.

  5. Students must respect all individuals: teachers, teaching assitant, staff members, parents, and fellow classmates. Any students showing disrespect will receive a warning and parents/guardian will be contacted. Repeated offenders may be subject to suspension and/or expulsion./li>
  6. Students must demonstrate appropriate behavior in the classroom. Students are prohibited from gambling in the classroom or on the school premises. Violators will be suspended or expelled.

  7. Students must keep the classroom and the school clean. Do not move desks, tables, and chairs or remove school supplies from the classroom. No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom.

  8. Students are prohibited from bringing weapons to school. These include, but are not limited to: sharp objects, explosives, lighters and guns. No recreational drugs are allowed in the classroom or on school premises. Violators will be permanently expelled. Students are not permitted to use computer games, music players, or cell phones in the classroom. In the case of such an incident, the item will be confiscated during school hours and parents/guardian will be notify.

  9. Students must attend school activities under the guidance of the Safety Committee and teachers.

  10. It is the parents’ responsibility to pick up their children on time. If you are not able to come to pick up your children on time for any reason, please call our school at 503-256-9336 If the school is unable to get a hold of you or your emergency contacts, your children will be handed over to the custody of the police. If the parent come late the first time, the school will request a written action plan from the parent to avoid future occurrences. For the second time, the parent will be invited to meet with the school representatives. After the third time, the student will not be allowed to continue enrollment for the remainder of the school year. Failure to follow this policy will serve as the basis of immediate expulsion.